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Vegan, Cruelty-Free and Small batch!  

This gloss leaves an extreme shimmer/sparkle on the lips, carrying a pink hue.  Comes in an 8mL ring pop shaped tube!  Please keep in mind this is best for tiny fingers; I would approximate US ring size 4-6.  0.25 Fl. Oz. / 7.25 mL  Has a watermelon scent/flavour 


  The ingredients and benefits of this gloss:   - Extra-Virgin Coconut oil:  A key to lip's moisture. Ideal for chapped or sensitive lips. Also contains natural mood-boosting MCTs  - Vitamin E:  Promotes cell turnover and regeneration, repairing and relieving dry lips by brings new cells to the surface faster  - Ethically-sourced Mica powder:  Naturally has millions of light-reflecting particles which create beautiful shiny effects on the lips while adding color


C$10.99 Regular Price
C$8.79Sale Price
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