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  • Has a heavy peach Scent/ This Gloss Leaves A light  Gold Tint Pigmented High-Shine On The Lips.
  • The ingredients and benefits of this gloss:  - Organic Castor oil:  A key to lip's moisture. Ideal for chapped or sensitive lips. Also contains natural mood-boosting MCTs  
  •  Avocado Oil /Vitamin E:  Promotes cell turnover and regeneration, repairing and relieving dry lips by brings new cells to the surface faster  
  • Grape Seed Oil : It has a high antioxidant concentration which helps to protect your lips from harmful free radicals and the oil itself nourishes your lips better than any lip balm you've ever used. The oil works to soothe your lips, leaving you looking fresh, no matter what elements are thrown at you.
  • - Ethically-sourced Mica powder:  Naturally has millions of light-reflecting particles which create beautiful light peach glossy shimmer.


C$18.99 Regular Price
C$13.29Sale Price
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